Adobe graphic design: What you need to know

Adobe, the world’s biggest software company, announced this week it is closing down its graphic design operations in the U.S. and Canada.The move comes amid a global slowdown in graphic design and is part of Adobe’s plan to reduce its footprint, as it tries to cut costs and maintain the quality of its products.The company […]

Graphic Design Degree: The Big Picture

Posted September 29, 2018 12:01:07 Graphic design degree can be a daunting and intimidating experience.The big challenge for many designers is getting their degree, and many students don’t have the time or financial resources to study full-time.That’s where the Web Design Certificate program comes in.The Web Design Certification Program provides a full-tuition, online degree to […]

What is the best graphic design school for your career?

Graphic design schools can be a lucrative career opportunity, but they’re also incredibly demanding.There’s a wide variety of design and graphic design programs in the United States, and there are more than a dozen in your local area.Some offer a diploma program, while others offer degrees that take students to graduate or even transfer into […]

A new kind of bad graphic designer has hit the scene: a post-modern graphic designer with a love of the post-digital age.

A new type of graphic designer, one that embraces the digital era, has hit a major milestone. Dylan Fong, an 18-year-old graphic designer from the Philippines, has created a poster of a young girl holding a computer mouse and keyboard.He has also created a series of three posters of different styles and sizes. Fong’s posters are the […]

When Designers Make the Web They Make Themselves

Online courses offer students the opportunity to learn how to design their own websites.But a growing number of designers have found that the online design community provides them with a deeper understanding of what it takes to make websites work, and the challenges they face designing a business.While some students are finding that online courses […]

How to get a $5,000 gift card for graphic design from your giftee

Graphic designers often use giftees to get gifts, but it can be hard to get that perfect gift card, according to a new study.The study, published in The Journal of Consumer Research, analyzed over 5,000 gifteers from 2010 to 2015 and found that nearly two-thirds of them either did not have a good enough gift […]

How to make a graphic designer a modern graphic designer

By David MascarenhasCBCNews.caModern graphic design is a skill that has evolved over time, with many designers moving to the digital realm to create design solutions for digital platforms.However, many designers still feel like they are in a “digital world” and feel like there is an “idea” of a design they can make and that they […]


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