A ‘Tales From the Borderlands’ style graphic designer is making her mark on the industry

The design and development of graphic designs is becoming a lucrative and lucrative career for graphic designers.

But there are many new opportunities and new challenges in that field.

And with a lot of companies looking for a talented and innovative graphic designer to help their teams succeed, we spoke to Sarah Lee, a graphic designer who’s making a name for herself in this area, in an exclusive interview.

She’s a co-founder and owner of Graphic Design & Designers in America (GDCA) and was one of the featured guests at this year’s PAX East.

She spoke to us about the future of graphic design, her new graphic design career, and what makes a graphic design professional.

Sarah Lee is a graphic designers, co-founder of GDCA, and the founder of Graphic Designs & Designrs in America, a firm that helps graphic designers make their mark in the industry.

We spoke to her about her latest graphic design venture, her role in the business, and why she believes graphic design can be a career that pays off.VICE: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sarah Lee: I’m a graphic Designer in America.

My company is called GDC A. I was a cofounder and co-owner of Graphic Designer in the States.

We specialize in helping graphic designers build a professional resume and business.

I’m also a coauthor of the book “The Art of Graphic Art.”

I’m currently on a book tour that is going to be hitting the bookstores and online.

I think we’ll be doing a few different books, like The Art of The Web Designer and “Designing for the Web” as well.

I also do some teaching for companies like CareerBuilder and DesignNet.

I teach a class on graphic design and how to create your own resume, and also give talks about how to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

What is your background?

What was your background before you started graphic design?

I was an advertising designer in the early ’90s, and I was working as a graphic editor at a major media company, so it was a pretty big career change.

I didn’t realize it was such a big career jump until I got out of college.

I had a Masters degree in computer science, and in my first year of graduate school, I got a position at an ad agency, and then I got an internship at a large media company.

And then I started working at a graphic agency, which is what I ended up doing for over 10 years.

So my background was really starting to take shape.

What’s your current career?

How long have you been in graphic design or graphic design services?

I started in the marketing industry as an advertising and PR professional, and worked in graphic designs and graphic design agencies.

I’ve been working in graphic designer services since 2010, and my current position is at GDC.

My background is in design and in marketing.

I started doing graphic design in 2011, and have been in that industry ever since.

I have a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

What’s your career plan for the future?

I think I want to focus on building my resume and creating a business.

Right now, I’m working full-time at GDA.

I love the work I do and am excited to get back into the field.

I know I’m in a great position right now.

How did you decide to work at GDI?

I’ve always loved the industry and always wanted to get my hands dirty.

I always wanted more of a challenge.

I came to GDC in the summer of 2017 because I saw the value in working with clients and helping them create a better digital experience.

And after a few months working at GSD, I started getting calls from clients that wanted to hire me for their digital products and marketing efforts.

So I’m still here.

Do you have any advice for aspiring graphic designers?

I would say to make sure you’re doing the work in the right way.

You can’t just do the job you want.

It has to be fun, it has to push your creative envelope, and you have to be able to handle a lot.

And if you do all of those things, you’ll definitely find success.

You’ll be able build your own portfolio and be successful, and eventually get hired by a company.


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