Obama, Biden: Why the White House has to stop ‘sitting in a bunker’

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are the only presidents to have signed an executive order to “promote the efficiency and effectiveness of government” through a new federal agency.

But in an interview with The Hill, the two vice presidents argued the federal government needs to focus on its core missions, which include education and public safety.

“I think we should be spending more on public safety,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with the Hill published Tuesday.

“We’ve got to get back to our core responsibilities.”

Biden, in a speech at a community college in the state of New York on Monday, said, “It’s not enough to just have a good-paying job.

We need to make sure that we’re keeping our streets safe, and the people who live and work there are doing a great job.”

Biden and Obama were discussing the importance of their executive orders when the Hill interviewed them in their White House offices.

“It is critical to us that the federal workforce be trained to respond to disasters, to train and equip them to respond effectively to disasters,” Biden said in the interview, which was published after Biden spoke in New York.

“That’s where the training, the equipment, the support comes from.

That’s where it’s done, that’s what we have to focus our resources on.”

The Hill also interviewed Obama and Biden at the White, where they signed executive orders that make it easier for workers in the federal and state governments to file for unemployment benefits.

Obama and the vice president have been at odds with one another in recent months.

Biden has taken a more aggressive stance on immigration reform than his predecessor, President Joe B. Biden, and has taken an anti-Muslim stance.

Obama is an outspoken advocate for gay rights, but Biden has said that he would be more willing to sign an executive action on the issue if he were president.

Biden’s wife, Jill, also spoke out against Biden’s position, and he has come under criticism for a lack of leadership on climate change.

Biden was criticized by Republicans during the 2016 election campaign when he voted against a Democratic effort to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

But the president is now looking to shore up support among his conservative base, which is a big part of his electoral strategy.

The White House released a statement saying that Obama and his administration would “continue to build on the President’s bold plan for an economy that works for all Americans.”

In his remarks at New York City’s City College, Biden stressed the importance to the federal employees to have a sense of purpose, saying, “We can’t sit in a cave and be stuck in our basements, or think we’re going to have an answer tomorrow.”

Biden also said he believes that “when we’re at the core of it, we have the best chance of keeping Americans safe.”


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