The Rise of the Graphic Design Job: How Graphic Designers Became a Global Industry

By the year 2050, a significant percentage of the workforce will be employed in graphic design jobs, according to a report from consultancy McKinsey & Co. The rise of digital technology has also helped to create a digital workforce that is increasingly composed of designers and graphic designers.

The report predicts that by 2026, the proportion of professional graphic designers will increase to 10.6% from 4.5% in 2020.

The report, titled The Rise and Impact of Digital Graphic Design, said that as technology and digital collaboration become more common in the workplace, it has been predicted that the number of graphic designers in the workforce could reach 50% by the year 2026.

The graphic design industry has been a growing industry in recent years, with the growth of digital design jobs forecasted to increase from 9.6 million in 2020 to 21.9 million by 2036.

McKinsey predicts that the graphic design workforce will reach nearly 1.1 million by 2030.

The growth of the graphic designer workforce is a reflection of how rapidly the digital age is taking over the workforce.

Graphic designers have been working with a range of technologies, such as digital printing, video and photo editing, digital marketing, digital photography, and more.

This includes professional designers, graphic designers, web designers, social media designers, marketing consultants, and others.

McKinley estimates that digital technologies have taken the digital world by storm, with an estimated 3.7 million jobs added to the global graphic design job market between 2020 and 2030.

This rapid growth in the job market is creating demand for new talent, and creating new job opportunities for existing workers, McKinsey notes.

The firm estimates that in 2020, the jobless rate for professionals will be about 11%, with graphic designers making up about 4% of the joblessness.

The workforce for graphic designers is projected to grow from 4% to 9% between 2020 to 2030, while graphic designers are expected to account for 7% of jobs created.

The graphic design profession is increasingly finding itself in a competitive environment.

McKinney says that the demand for graphic design talent is increasing due to the proliferation of online courses, social networks, and social networking sites.

In addition, a number of digital technologies are increasingly providing digital skills to workers in the digital industry, including virtual reality, video, video editing, augmented reality, virtual reality video, augmented and augmented reality mapping, and augmented and virtual reality design.

The firm also says that more employers are adopting digital technology as a way of enhancing employee productivity and meeting the demands of their workforce.

This has been an increasing trend, with digital technologies such as virtual reality becoming increasingly popular.

According to McKinsey, the growth in digital skills in the graphic profession will likely accelerate as the skills are used to enhance employee productivity, such a as creating digital assets that can be used in other industries.

For example, virtual or augmented reality video is now becoming more prevalent in the work environment.

In 2020, McKinley predicts that virtual reality software will be used to create virtual content for digital assets such as videos, images, or graphics, and will be the primary means of creating content that can then be used by employees in the future.

This will create a demand for more virtual and augmented-reality jobs in the professional graphic design field.

Accordingly, McKinsell reports that the overall demand for digital skills is projected for the graphic designers workforce to increase by 1.2 million jobs by 2028, with a total of 1.8 million graphic designers currently employed.

This growth in employment and skill development for graphic workers will also help to further diversify the workforce in the profession.

In 2021, there are expected for the professional design workforce to be more than 50% female, while in 2024, the workforce for professional graphic artists will be more female than men.

The demand for professional design is expected to continue to increase over the next five years as professional graphic designer jobs are expected at approximately 12.6 billion by 2020, according McKinsey.

In 2024, more than 1.6 jobs are projected to be created for graphic artists.

The majority of these jobs are in graphic designers and illustrators, which means that the professional designer position is expected at almost 12.2% of graphic design work in 2024.

The demand for professionals in graphic art is expected in 2024 to be at 16.1%, while the demand in the arts will be around 7.5%.

The report predicts the graphic arts industry will be at the forefront of the digital economy by 2027, with graphic artists, graphic design professionals, and graphic design employees accounting for roughly one in five professional graphic arts jobs.


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