Why I got my first computer at age 7

I was a computer junkie and I was obsessed with computers.

I had a computer that would work for a couple of years, but the thing I really wanted was a bigger one.

I used to sit in front of it all day and it would do its thing, and then I would go home and sit on my couch, watch a movie and play games.

I never had an iPad or a laptop, so I started using them when I could, but I still had a lot of stuff to get.

I was in college, and I worked at a university that was on the East Coast, and it was a good job, but it wasn’t the most rewarding of jobs.

I just did my own thing and didn’t go to school very often, which was kind of ironic because I was studying graphic design.

It was a pretty good career for a kid that was interested in computers, but as I got older, I was more into drawing and painting and photography.

I started out drawing pictures of kittens, which I would take with my friends.

I would paint a kitten on the back of my desk and we would hang out in the living room and I would show them the picture of the kitten.

It became something of a tradition.

At some point, I got a call from a college friend and he wanted me to take the computer I was using at home and move it to the house where I lived.

I thought it was really weird, but he was right.

When I got home, I found out that the computer had been stolen, and that I was going to be living in a basement apartment with a cat that had been left there.

I didn’t really know what to do, but there was no one I could talk to.

So I moved the computer in and I started doing a lot more drawing and drawing.

I think I had more than two dozen drawings done, and when I started working with computers, I realized that computers are so much better than pencils.

The computers I used were really, really slow, and the colors were just awful.

So, I took a computer and I built a computer on it and I spent a year doing that, and my computer was now a very powerful computer.

The biggest mistake I ever made in computer design was to think that computers were going to do everything that you wanted them to do.

I still use a computer, and still use it for all of my work.

I have a computer of my own that I bought in 2007, and we use it all the time.

It is a very modern computer, with lots of ports and it has a lot that is really useful.

When it is working well, it is so much more powerful than I could ever have imagined it would be.

I don’t think that I would have ever wanted to design a game or anything like that on a computer.

I am just happy that I had that opportunity.

This article is sponsored by Apple, but all opinions are my own.


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