How to use Google Images to find the perfect graphic design jobs

Graphic design is often described as the art of creating beautiful images for the world to see.

But a new study from the online graphic design agency The Firm says a growing number of designers are finding their way online through a new, free service.

The firm’s latest research, which was published online this week, found that nearly two thirds of the online design jobs available to designers this year were paid to those with the most experience.

Key points:A growing number have been made onlineThe number of online graphic designers is set to reach 100 millionA number of the jobs available online can be made at homeUsing online tools, design agencies have been able to connect designers with jobs at scaleThe firm says more than half of the firms surveyed said they were able to work with designers to design and build their portfolios, and more than a third were able make it easy for them to upload designs to the agency.

“The vast majority of the designers we work with are doing something they’ve never done before and we are building their careers by getting them to make more of their own work online,” said Andrew Dutton, The Firm’s director of design and content.

The practice of online design has been on the rise in recent years, with employers increasingly searching for designers with the right skills.

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with the designers who are the most creative, the most driven and the most innovative in their field,” Mr Dutton said.

The company is also exploring the idea of opening a new agency, in which designers can earn commission-free designs.

“We’re working to offer these design jobs to designers who already have the right experience, and we’re exploring other ways of getting the most out of these online designers who have so much potential,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for design agencies to be able to offer a service that’s really open, which is what we are aiming for.”

Mr Dutton says he hopes that The Firm will open its doors to designers with more experience, but is also excited by the potential of online designs being used by all sorts of creative industries.

“There are loads of creative people out there who have the skill set and the creative ability to create a portfolio for clients,” he added.

“Whether it’s in a visual medium, video, audio, or in print they are able to use this knowledge and that creative ability, and put it to use to make their clients proud.”

The firm is offering designers the chance to take on more work for free.

They can submit their own portfolios and earn commission if they have the required skills.

Designers who choose to submit their portfolios to The Firm can receive an extra $300, with commissions paid directly to the designer.

“If you have the skills and the right attitude, you can make your own work on the internet and get paid to do it,” Mr Tutton said, adding that he is also considering opening a design agency in the future.

“Designers with more skill are more likely to be successful than those with less.”

You can sign up for a free trial of The Firm and receive a copy of its design portfolio, and see more information about how to apply for design jobs here.


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