A year of chaos and turmoil: The year of the Syrian conflict

The Syrian conflict has been a year of extreme upheaval and violence.

In the past year alone, hundreds of thousands have been killed in the war, with more than 11 million refugees displaced from their homes, and a million people forced to flee their homes.

And the war is only just beginning to reach its full scope.

Amid the chaos and violence, the Israeli government and its Western allies have been seeking ways to contain the threat of Iranian-backed Syrian rebels, and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Israel will begin a “massive offensive” to encircle the border.

But these efforts have largely been overshadowed by the ongoing war, and as Israel seeks to contain Iran, the international community has become increasingly wary of Israel’s ability to protect itself.

The war in Syria has also caused tensions between Israel and Turkey, the other major Western ally of the Middle East, whose relations with Israel have been strained in recent years. 

A year ago, the war in Gaza began with Israel’s surprise attack on the Hamas-run territory.

This led to an escalation of the conflict in Gaza, with Hamas rockets and missiles being launched into Israel.

Israeli and Palestinian fighters retaliated, and the Israeli military launched airstrikes against Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip, targeting thousands of targets in the territory.

Israel has since launched more than 400 airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza in response to the escalation.

The Israeli military has said it has killed at least 1,500 Palestinians, while the Palestinians have said more than 1,600 have been wounded. 

Since then, Israel has launched several air raids on targets in northern Gaza, including a strike that killed six Palestinian civilians, including two children, on Sunday, March 12.

According to a UN report, the strike hit a home and a mosque in the Jabalia refugee camp, killing two men and injuring a fourth.

On Thursday, March 15, a strike killed a woman and her two children in Gaza City.

A week later, a second strike killed four people in Khan Younis.

On Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces announced that they had struck targets in Khan Yunis and the surrounding area, killing four people.

Israel launched several airstrikes on Gaza on Thursday and Friday, targeting rocket launchers, a rocket storage facility, and dozens of Hamas targets.

Israel also launched airstrikes on a number of targets near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Friday, including rocket launchers and an underground shelter used by the terror organization. 

Despite the war’s deadly impact on civilians, the United States and other nations have been critical of Israel for its handling of the war.

Israel is the only country in the world that is allowed to operate with military forces that are not part of the United Nations, which allows for the transfer of weapons to and from Syria.

Israel and Syria have been unable to reach an agreement on the implementation of a cease-fire in the face of the escalating violence.

As a result, the U.S. and other countries have expressed concerns that Israel could violate international law by attacking Syrian forces in the Golan. 

Israel’s decision to attack Syria in the wake of its military campaign against the militant group Hezbollah has also sparked international outrage.

The United States, Israel, and other Western nations have repeatedly criticized Israel for targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, including the homes of Hezbollah’s senior leadership.

Last month, the US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he would travel to Israel to try and bring about a cease of hostilities.

However, in recent days, Kerry has been more vocal about Israel’s role in the fighting.

On March 15 he told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that Israel “has shown itself to be a strong partner in the Middle Eastern region, in our efforts to bring peace and stability to the region and around the world, and we will continue to do so in the weeks ahead.” 

But the United Kingdom has also condemned Israel’s actions, with Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond telling Parliament that “the Israeli attack on Syria has exposed the deep divisions in the region.” 

The Israeli military also launched a new campaign on Friday to encircling the Gaza border with a new operation called “Erez Crossing.”

This operation, which will begin in the coming days, will involve air raids and artillery barrages against the Gaza-Israel border. 

On Thursday, Israel also began a ground offensive in the occupied Golan, known as Operation Protective Edge, which is intended to prevent Hamas from firing rockets into Israel from Gaza.

The operation is expected to begin in a few weeks, but its duration is unknown.


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