‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Poster Contest Goes Viral [IGN]

Graphic design internship contest, the Mighty Morphin series, continues to go viral after a poster contest posted to a Twitter account featuring the character Mighty Morphins Power Rangers.

The contest, created by the @mighty_morphins_power_rangers Twitter account, was posted last week, and it featured posters featuring different characters from the series, such as the Morphin Ranger and his Power Ranger pals.

The posters were able to enter the contest and win prizes ranging from posters to a signed copy of the latest issue of the Power Rangers magazine.

After winning the poster contest, fans shared their thoughts about the posters, some of which include a lot of love for the character and his team.

One fan commented on the poster by saying, “theres a real badass in these guys.

A true badass.”

Another added, “Theres so many cool things about the Power Rangers.

I love that it’s a cartoon and it doesnt have to be a cartoon.

You cant tell who is cool, who is evil, and who is a badass.

Theres so much more to this series than just Power Rangers.”

Fans are also praising the poster, with one saying, “@mightymorphins_ranger this is a must see and I love it.”

Another user commented, “Wow, these posters are really badass.”

This isn’t the first time the series has gone viral, and fans of the series have responded to the contest by thanking the poster for their hard work.

The Mighty Morphines Power Rangers Magazine was launched in 2009, and the series is set to continue for five more years.

[IGN, GeekDad]


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