The 20 Most Creative Graphic Designers In The World

Graphic designers are often the first people to notice a company’s talent, and they are among the most influential people in the industry.

They have the ability to make a company stand out from the rest of the industry, and if you’ve spent any time on the Internet over the last decade or so, you’ve probably seen some of their work.

The 20 most creative graphic designers in the world were revealed via Forbes’ annual list of the 100 most influential graphic designers.

From the best-known to the least famous, the 20 most talented graphic designers all have something to offer their peers.

The infographic below highlights the 20 best-and-most-famous graphic designers who have worked with Adobe, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other Adobe product.

Some of these designers are on this year’s list because of their accomplishments and impact on the industry over the past decade or more.

Here’s what we learned from this year.1.

Robert KirkmanRobert Kirkman is the founder of the interactive animation studio, Frogswamp Studios, and the creator of the award-winning animated series, “Frogswamp.”

Kirkman, who is also a co-founder of Pixar, has worked with such artists as John Landis, Alex Maleev, and Brian Eno.

His most recent animated work, “The Windup Girl,” debuted on HBO last year.

He’s also a designer for Pixar’s upcoming “Up.”2.

Alex MaleegostoAlex Maleegoso is the designer behind the award winning game, “Star Fox,” and also a prolific designer.

His work includes the “Wizard of Oz” trilogy, “Homer: The Odyssey,” “The Simpsons,” and more.

His design work has been featured on many major publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.3.

Mike ReissMike Reiss is a designer and illustrator who has worked in the video game industry since 2003.

His designs include “Dark Souls II” and “Warcraft III.”

He’s most famous for his work on “Rise of the Tomb Raider.”4.

Jim BreuerJim Breuer is a game designer and game designer who has designed and designed and worked on many games over the years.

His first game, the acclaimed “War of the Worlds,” was developed in 2007 by the developer Epic Games.

He is also the founder and former president of “Digital Studios,” the game design studio behind “Grand Theft Auto Online,” which is now an EA game.5.

Mattie BriceMattie Brices is the CEO of digital game company, Blue Byte.

Her work includes designing and developing many of the popular game franchises, including “Minecraft,” “Wii U,” and “World of Warcraft.”6.

David HayterDavid Hayter is a graphic designer and creator of “The Sims.”

His work has appeared on various publications, such as TIME, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journo, and more, including Wired and the New Yorker.7.

Brian EnochBrian Enoch is the creator and co-creator of “Frozen,” “Grim Fandango,” “Minecraft: New Generation,” “Sci-Fi: The Musical,” and the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

He also designed and created “The Incredible Hulk” and the original “Star Trek” film series.8.

Chris ChabotChris Chabots work has included design for “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Star-Lord: The Frozen Throne,” and other popular franchises.

He also worked as a concept artist on the animated feature “The Legend of Tarzan,” which was released in 2016.9.

Ryan StegmanRyan Stegmans work has featured in a wide variety of publications, ranging from The Wall Street Times to The Wall, and his work has also been featured in the New Statesman, The Hollywood Reporter, The Boston Globe, and The New York Post.10.

Andy MurrayAndy Murray is a two-time Wimbledon tennis champion.

His Wimbledon win in 2014 and 2016 has been widely celebrated as one of the greatest sports moments of the year.

His tennis career has been highlighted by multiple Grand Slam tournaments, including Wimbledon in 2017, the Davis Cup, the Australian Open, and others.11.

Michael J. FoxMichael J. FOX is an actor and producer who has starred in “Gone Girl,” “Fargo,” and in several television shows.

His career has included roles on the ABC series “Lifetime,” in the ABC television series “The Good Wife,” and on “Lost.”12.

Paul DiniPaul Dini is a writer and director.

His films include “The Matrix,” “True Grit,” and several others.13.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Sr. is the former owner of Marvel Comics and the actor who voiced Iron Man in the


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