A graphic design certification program offers career-making opportunities for students from a wide range of backgrounds

Graphic design graduates have long been a keystay of the U.S. economy, with the United States having the second-highest number of graduates of all professions in the world.

But the growing demand for graphic design graduates is giving rise to the possibility that a graphic design degree might be the best way to land a job in the technology industry, said Ben White, a senior associate professor at George Washington University’s School of Design.

“A lot of the job openings are coming from industries where the skillsets that graphic designers have are important, so a degree in graphic design can be really useful,” White said.

“It might even be the key to getting the job.”

Here are five graphic design intern opportunities that are worth considering.1.

A career in the visual artsThis graphic design internship will involve working on a project for a variety of visual art organizations.

Some of the projects include web design, website design, digital graphics, or advertising.

You can also be part of an internship program with other visual artists in your field, White said, adding that a degree can be beneficial in some of the creative industries.2.

Graphic design intern at a global companyThe graphic design graduate can take on projects for companies such as IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and others.

In this example, a job listing includes work on a website for IBM, a new app for Yahoo!, an application for Facebook, and a new video game.3.

A professional degree from an industry you’re passionate about.

A graphic designer may want to work on websites for Microsoft, a mobile video game company, or the world’s largest publishing company.

If you’re interested in working for a media company, you may want the opportunity to work with the company’s head of design, White explained.4.

Design a mobile app or gameThis internship may require you to design a mobile game.

It could involve designing the mobile app for a mobile browser, creating an app that uses Google Analytics, or creating a mobile-friendly website that uses Facebook’s search technology.5.

Learn graphic design fundamentalsA graphic design program might not have the same benefits as an MBA or master’s program, but it could be beneficial for those looking to learn the fundamentals of the craft.

“If you want to be a graphic designer, I would definitely recommend that you go to a professional design school,” White told Mashable.

“I think a graphic designers degree is an excellent way to get a job that’s going to be really interesting.”

If you’re an artist looking to work in the graphic design industry, you might want to check out Graphic Design College, a program that offers students an opportunity to learn graphic design concepts, including photography, animation, typography, and more.


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