How to make your own web design apps with HTML5 and CSS3

The next big trend in web design is using HTML5 for your web apps.However, this can only work with your existing website.HTML5 is a new, powerful HTML5 specification that’s being adopted by the Web Standards Foundation (W3C), the same group of standards that’s developing WebKit.So how does that work?I’m going to show you how to […]

A new kind of bad graphic designer has hit the scene: a post-modern graphic designer with a love of the post-digital age.

A new type of graphic designer, one that embraces the digital era, has hit a major milestone. Dylan Fong, an 18-year-old graphic designer from the Philippines, has created a poster of a young girl holding a computer mouse and keyboard.He has also created a series of three posters of different styles and sizes. Fong’s posters are the […]

Why Is The Newest Graphic Design Course Being Designed By Bad People?

A graphic design course at a college has become a hot topic of discussion after a graphic designer who graduated from the course told MTV News he’s been told by administrators he’s not welcome back.The course is called Graphic Design: The Art and Science of Design, which was first offered at the University of Houston […]

How to write a beautiful graphic design certificate

The process for creating a graphic design degree can be daunting and intimidating, but there are some essential steps you should take.1.Learn the basics.Learn to use the Adobe Creative Suite.Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.Learn about how they work, what they mean, and what they can and cannot do. 2.Apply for a graphic designer certificate.The best […]

Graphic design courses for kids online for free

Free online graphic design course from a major publishing company, as a great deal goes on with these courses.If you are looking for a new graphic design and web design course, this one has it.I found it very easy to use and get my own students working on a design project, and then I could […]


A graphic design agency in Japan is suing the city of Fukuoka over the city’s new pedestrian bridge, claiming that it violates the law by using graphic designs that are inappropriate for a pedestrian crossing.The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Tokyo’s High Court, says the city must design a bridge with a high quality of pedestrian […]

How to create your first graphic design portfolio for your first job

Graphic design is becoming a job that people across industries are starting to look at as a career that has some real value.But for many designers, it’s still a risky, if not impossible, path to getting to that next level.For some designers, that means they have to invest in their design education and learn how […]

How to be A Graphic Designer

With more than 300 million users and an impressive global reach, graphic design is a critical and increasingly sought-after career in the digital age.But, as the job landscape becomes more diverse and digital skills become more important, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for professionals to find a niche.According to a survey conducted by the Graphic Design […]

When your graphic design programs aren’t bad enough for your boss, you’re probably using too much of your own work

A lot of people have been trying to figure out how to fix their graphic design workflows to keep up with the times.It’s not an easy task, and it’s not the only way to fix it.We talked to several graphic designers about how they have found the best ways to do graphic design.But they also […]


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