Graphic designer hire graphic designer

The graphic designer at the heart of the recent spate of ‘laptop killer’ ransomware attacks has been arrested in Britain after authorities found traces of the malware he had developed to infect machines.The company, named Blackbird, has already been suspended by a UK government agency for its involvement in the attacks, which have seen more […]

The story of the ‘Panther’ in the age of Google

In 2014, Google unveiled its Project Panther, a new search engine aimed at improving user experience.Google’s intention was to “deliver a better search experience for everyone.”The goal was to deliver “the fastest and most accurate results,” but the new search system also brought some privacy concerns.“Privacy is a huge part of the Google experience, but […]

What is free graphic designer salary

Google News India  (India) (EN)  Free Graphic Designer Salary (PDF) is a new salary calculator for graphic designers to compare graphic design salary across various industries and pay scale.The app includes salary information, career progression, career milestones, and career path options. It is designed for professional graphic designers, graphic designers from different fields and companies, and graphic […]

Why I’m not an intern in Graphic Design

I’m a graphic designer, but I’m also a graphic artist.I’m lucky to have a family that loves my work.I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work on projects that have had an impact on their lives.But I also know that there are some graphic design intern opportunities out there that are just plain not […]

When your wife makes you a laptop for your graphic design

A graphic designer in New York City was stunned when his wife suggested they buy a new laptop.“She was really into it,” the designer told Business Insider.But he and his wife were also worried that their daughter, a graphic designer at a startup, would end up spending hours on her smartphone.The problem?There was no way […]

How to use Google Images to find the perfect graphic design jobs

Graphic design is often described as the art of creating beautiful images for the world to see.But a new study from the online graphic design agency The Firm says a growing number of designers are finding their way online through a new, free service.The firm’s latest research, which was published online this week, found that […]

What’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud: The most important things you need to know

Adobe Creative Suite 2017.1.Download and Install the Creative Cloud for Mac and Windows edition.2.Install the latest version of Adobe Creative Services (ACS) on your Mac.3.Install Adobe CreativeCloud (a standalone client for Creative Cloud), which includes a desktop version of Creative Cloud, a dedicated cloud-based server for hosting projects, and support for a large number of […]


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