How graphic design schools can make money in 2018

Graphic design schools are a popular, yet difficult, industry for companies to enter.In 2018, however, there’s a new outlook: They’re the future.The Graphic Design Industry Association (GDIA) has launched an online survey asking students, staff, and employers to take a look at the industry, its opportunities, and how it can help them make more money […]

How to hire a graphic designer online

A graphic designer should have a solid track record in design and have a good understanding of web design and usability.As well as being able to work remotely, they should also have the ability to work on projects remotely, be able to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and be able write good code.If you’re […]

Why Designers Shouldn’t Ignore the Digital Divide

Graphic design is the fastest-growing art form in the world, and that’s why its becoming more and more mainstream.But is it the right field for the designers who are the next wave of designers?And how can you create better work for the digital age?We spoke to Graphic Designer Mark Crouch, who says you need to […]


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Graphic design jobs for the remote workforce

An online graphic design job posting can be a valuable career stepping stone, but many job seekers are looking for a more hands-on approach.Some of the best job opportunities are at the top of the list for people looking to move beyond the job market and become part of a digital team.They are also among […]

How to be an Illustrator in 5 Minutes

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basics of Illustrator and show you the best apps for creating gorgeous, creative images in just a few minutes.The app that will come out with the most downloads will win the contest! The contest winner will receive a copy of the next Adobe Creative Suite Professional, along with the opportunity […]

Why are people choosing graphic design?

Graphic design is a rapidly growing field.It has become the new frontier in the digital advertising industry.While many designers are looking for a career in graphic design (especially in the industry’s biggest companies), others are seeking to diversify their careers, which can often entail more hours of unpaid work than a traditional job.To be successful […]

GQ’s 2016 interview with designer J. Michael McDonough, the man behind the “Frozen” series

In a special issue of GQ magazine, GQ senior graphic designer J Michael Mcdonough explains why he created the new logo for Disney’s “Frostbitten Frozen” series.“I’ve been working on a lot of new projects over the last couple of years,” McDonuff says in the video.“We’ve been experimenting with a lot more creative types of imagery, […]


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