How to Make a Graphic Design Inspiration from an Animated Movie: How to Take Your Favorite Character and Turn It Into a Graphic Illustration

How do you turn a beloved character into a digital illustration?The best way to do it is to create a cool, original, and original concept that captures the essence of that character and his or her essence.But that’s not easy when you’re trying to find a way to create an actual story from the character, […]

The Best Places To Work For Graphic Design: A Guide To Finding The Best Locations For Your Job

A new report from Graphic Design Agency McKinsey & Russell suggests the best places to work for graphic design, from big cities to small towns.“Designers, editors and graphic designers often face unique challenges when it comes to finding work and staying competitive in the workplace,” McKinsey CEO and founder Kevin Kelly said in a statement.“To […]

How to Get Started in Graphic Design with an Online Graphic Design Course

Posted January 15, 2020 06:32:15Online graphic design is a growing field.The latest industry numbers show that the number of online graphic design jobs jumped nearly 17% to 1.6 million in January.And the job market for designers is booming.But, according to industry experts, the learning curve is not always as easy as you might think.Here’s a […]

Which is better: Photoshop or Illustrator?

Graphic design is a field that has been growing steadily in recent years, and its importance in the digital age has only increased.Illustrator, the original programmatic design software, is now the most popular graphic design tool.The Adobe Creative Suite, another popular suite, is still widely used, and Adobe’s own Photoshop is still the best-selling product.Adobe […]

NHL’s new logo is going to be cool for hockey fans

Graphic designer and graphic designer Daniel Fusco, a member of the NHL, has designed the new logo for the league, according to Sports Illustrated.The design will be unveiled in June.The NHL logo was first introduced in 1993 and was featured in the 1994 Stanley Cup championship.Fusio was the creative director of the Los Angeles Kings, […]

Graphic designer who worked with Michael Jackson and Prince on his first album ‘I’m Not in Love’ is suing him for defamation

Graphic designer and former collaborator Michael Jackson has sued him for $25 million after a former employee told ABC News that the pop legend plagiarised part of his designs.The case was heard in the US District Court in Los Angeles by US District Judge Thomas B. Friedman.“We were very proud of the work that Michael […]


A graphic design agency in Japan is suing the city of Fukuoka over the city’s new pedestrian bridge, claiming that it violates the law by using graphic designs that are inappropriate for a pedestrian crossing.The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Tokyo’s High Court, says the city must design a bridge with a high quality of pedestrian […]

How to use Google Images to find the perfect graphic design jobs

Graphic design is often described as the art of creating beautiful images for the world to see.But a new study from the online graphic design agency The Firm says a growing number of designers are finding their way online through a new, free service.The firm’s latest research, which was published online this week, found that […]

Designing graphics: Graphic design degree awarded in Japan

A graphic design diploma awarded to a Japanese student studying graphic design at a graphic design agency has been awarded to one of the students in the study.The design student received his diploma from the Design Design Academy of Tokyo (DDAKT) in Tokyo, which is one of Japan’s leading design schools.The award comes two weeks […]

A graphic designer’s dream job: How a small business in a suburb of NYC could become a big one

Google News source The Atlantic title Graphic designer’s job in New York City: An interactive tour article Graphic designer and illustrator Laura Lees is an illustrator at the iconic design agency Korda.In addition to creating visualizations for websites, she also helps clients sell their products through social media.Lees recently launched her own graphic design firm, […]


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