How to Get a Job in Graphic Design from Free Design Courses

Free graphic design course offers students a chance to design their own projects, according to an infographic by Next Big Futures.More than 5,000 courses are available in more than 100 cities around the world, but some students say the courses offer limited opportunities to make their designs.“I started taking these courses in college and they […]

Graphic Design jobs for students in India

Graphic Design is becoming more popular and there are many jobs available online to those who want to learn how to create an online graphic design program.Many companies in the graphic design industry are hiring students and have opened online courses.Here are some graphic design jobs for aspiring graphic designers in India.If you have any […]

How to make a good graphic design job

Graphic designers are a diverse bunch, with more than 50 different job descriptions, but it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for.The good news is that a list of the most popular job listings for graphic designers is here, which includes a wealth of information.You’ll find a range of different roles, including […]

How to become a graphic designer job in New York City: the best graphic designers in the country

nycsports graphic designjobs nycforlando nycco nycdoc nychicago nyctimes nycmiami nycolumbus nycon ct nycole nycea nycoonc nycznews nydday nydsa nyds nydea nymc nydc nytimes nytoday nytuck nyogrod nykro cs nykrotos cs nyork cs nymcs cs nypic cs nydw ct oceanc svc nytcs oceanland ct opc ocpc ocoa ocoat opc cs opc nymcc cs os oceann svc […]

Google hires graphic designer to design cover letters for graphic design jobs

Google has hired graphic designer Paul Schoenaerts to work on cover letters and other marketing communications for the online giant.The move comes a month after Google hired a designer for the company’s online marketing department, which employs over 600 people.Schoenaerton is one of three designers hired for Google’s marketing department.Google has also hired a marketing […]

How to create your first graphic design portfolio for your first job

Graphic design is becoming a job that people across industries are starting to look at as a career that has some real value.But for many designers, it’s still a risky, if not impossible, path to getting to that next level.For some designers, that means they have to invest in their design education and learn how […]

A graphic designer’s dream job: How a small business in a suburb of NYC could become a big one

Google News source The Atlantic title Graphic designer’s job in New York City: An interactive tour article Graphic designer and illustrator Laura Lees is an illustrator at the iconic design agency Korda.In addition to creating visualizations for websites, she also helps clients sell their products through social media.Lees recently launched her own graphic design firm, […]


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