Graphic Design Internships: $150,000, including a MacBook Pro for design

Posted by CNN Newsroom on March 19, 2018 12:00:00 The $150k laptop is not an inexpensive item, but the internships offer a chance to design for your employer.One internship offers the chance to work on your own designs.A second offers an internship in digital marketing, and a third offers an internship in graphic design.Internships are […]

5 of the best graphic design software for graphic designers

A lot of people have tried to reinvent the wheel with graphic design tools in the past decade, and this article is for those who are still looking for the magic of design tools.We’re here to talk about the best software for a graphic designer, but first, we want to take a moment to highlight […]

When a computer costs less than a pack of cigarettes, it’s time to go for a bag of cigarettes

Laptop for Graphic Design: The Difference Between a Pack of Cigarettes and a Bag of Tobacco article Posted October 05, 2019 12:30:25Laptop for the Graphic Design professional, who has more than just a computer in the office, wants a bag to hold her laptop and her personal documents.But what about those extra dollars that might […]

How to design a great design website

Designing a great website is hard, especially if you’re just starting out.It’s important to find the right balance between good content and a compelling design.We’ve broken down the best design websites for the creative graphic designer.The best graphic design websites are the ones that work for everyone.1.Graphic Design College – A graphic design degree is […]

GQ’s 2016 interview with designer J. Michael McDonough, the man behind the “Frozen” series

In a special issue of GQ magazine, GQ senior graphic designer J Michael Mcdonough explains why he created the new logo for Disney’s “Frostbitten Frozen” series.“I’ve been working on a lot of new projects over the last couple of years,” McDonuff says in the video.“We’ve been experimenting with a lot more creative types of imagery, […]

When your wife makes you a laptop for your graphic design

A graphic designer in New York City was stunned when his wife suggested they buy a new laptop.“She was really into it,” the designer told Business Insider.But he and his wife were also worried that their daughter, a graphic designer at a startup, would end up spending hours on her smartphone.The problem?There was no way […]

How to find a new job for graphic designers

Graphic designers and graphic designers with a bachelor’s degree should look into the graphic design career fields and see how it works.The graphic design industry is undergoing a major shift.According to data released by the National Center for Arts and Humanities, the number of graduates from the profession is projected to reach 745,000 by 2020, […]


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