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Our training group is filled to the brim with affiliate training & education. Here are some of the awesome things that we offer / teach in our group:

  • Attraction Marketing
  • Facebook Live
  • Scripts & Files
  • Methods of marketing on social media
  • Prospecting
  • Messaging
  • Mentorship
  • Weekly Team Calls


I can’t see the units!! Where are they?!

  • Upgrade your phone and your facebook app

Our units will set you up for success. Here is an index of the units we have to offer:

Unit 1: ‘Current Events’
Recent announcements, promos, LIVES, and more! Use this Unit to keep up with what is going on in our group! This unit is NOT training! If you are starting your training skip to unit 2!
Unit 2: ‘New Affiliate Orientation’ **START HERE FOR TRAINING**
This unit is a must!! Here you will find videos on facebook groups, your back office & websites, our compensation plan, & 3 tips to succeed.
Unit 3: ‘90 Day Challenge’
Check out this unit to follow trainings and information for our 90 Day Challenge (1/1/19 – 3/31/19)
Unit 4: ‘Free Gift & Pre-Enrollee Videos’
This unit includes videos to send to your potential affiliates about our Free Gift and our Pre-Enrollee System.
Unit 5: ‘First Week of Posts’
which is your first seven days of posts.
Unit 6: ‘Monthly Posting Calendar’
which is 28 days of posts to use on repeat every month. Watch one video per day, and post about what we talk about in the video! You will never have to come up with posting topics again. This program will teach you how to post valuable content.
Unit 7: ‘Extensive Trainings.’
These trainings will help you learn about valuable topics such as: Building your brand, Target Audience, Personal Development, and so much more!
Unit 8: ‘CBD 101’
a series of infographics to help you learn all about CBD!
Unit 9: ‘Self Care’
Are you struggling to find balance in your life and business?! Check out our amazing Victoria, who will help you with self care and balance!
Unit 10: ‘Rankers: Our Leaders in the Top 1% of HempWorx’
here you can take a look at all of our beautiful rankers!
Units 11-16:
Leader Units here you can find training by specific leaders.
Unit 17: ‘HempWorx Welcome & Resource Guide’
a reiteration of Orientation in the form of text
Unit 18: ‘Monday Night Roundup’
where you can find all of our weekly team calls!

Monday Night Roundup: Weekly Team Call

Monday Night Roundup is our weekly team call where we go over announcements, events, and information.

Free Gift!

Did you know that you can give away our training group as a free gift?

  • If someone is interested in your business, add them to our group for FREE VALUE!
  • They will get to take a look at all of the awesome training and resources that we offer our team!


Who is CBDbot?

CBDbot is our team helper. He is a support system for our team!

  • CBDbot helps new affiliates with a 1 message per day series of helpful tips and tricks
  • He helps us with our leadership by allowing us to send our leaders info geared toward them
  • He helps our team find answers to questions with his knowledge base
  • He keeps us alert to current trainings and meetings going on in the group
Subscribe to CBDbot by sending him a message

Monday Night Roundup

When & Where

Every Monday LIVE at 9pm EST inside of our team group!


Monday night round up is hosted by our original leadership team:

  • Lacy Garza
  • Tim Garza
  • Deanna Christal
  • David Gruining

Google Drive

Rank & New Affiliate Templates

Looking for a new affiliate frame to give your affiliate a special welcome to the team?

Maybe you are looking for a rank frame to congratulate a ranking team member?

Head to this folder to find our affiliate template frames!

Files & Scripts

We keep a lot of files and scripts in our Google Drive for your convenience! Head to the Drive to find plenty of resources and print materials.

Check It Out

Testimonial Group

Learn More

Ask your upline to add you to our wonderful testimonial group which includes over 100,000 happy customers who post their beautiful stories every day!

  • You can use this group to help with customer questions like: Will CBD help with?
  • Take a screenshot of testimonials that apply to your customer and send them to them in a message.

Team Chat

What is it?

Looking for a community? Join our Telegram team chat to immerse yourself in our community and find help when you need it!

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