How to fix Adobe Photoshop on your Windows 7 computer

Microsoft has confirmed to TechRadar that it has found a fix for Adobe Photoshop that allows it to run on Windows 7 machines.“This is a bugfix release for the last update of Adobe Photoshop for Windows 7 that resolves some issues that were reported to Adobe earlier this week,” Microsoft spokesperson Tom Smith told TechRadarear.If […]

Why Is The Newest Graphic Design Course Being Designed By Bad People?

A graphic design course at a college has become a hot topic of discussion after a graphic designer who graduated from the course told MTV News he’s been told by administrators he’s not welcome back.The course is called Graphic Design: The Art and Science of Design, which was first offered at the University of Houston […]

Graphic design jobs for the remote workforce

An online graphic design job posting can be a valuable career stepping stone, but many job seekers are looking for a more hands-on approach.Some of the best job opportunities are at the top of the list for people looking to move beyond the job market and become part of a digital team.They are also among […]

How to find graphic design internship jobs in Australia

Graphic design internhips are now popular in Australia, and while you might not be able to find a job in the UK, it doesn’t mean you can’t get one if you know where to look. There are plenty of opportunities in the graphic design industry, and we’ve rounded up the best ones for you to try […]

When a computer costs less than a pack of cigarettes, it’s time to go for a bag of cigarettes

Laptop for Graphic Design: The Difference Between a Pack of Cigarettes and a Bag of Tobacco article Posted October 05, 2019 12:30:25Laptop for the Graphic Design professional, who has more than just a computer in the office, wants a bag to hold her laptop and her personal documents.But what about those extra dollars that might […]

How to design graphic design degrees for professionals

Graphic design degree: Learn the fundamentals and practice with your colleagues article Graphic designers have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and they’ve been creating beautiful and iconic design designs ever since.A graphic designer is a designer with an interest in the visual arts.The main job of a graphic designer isn’t to […]

Why does the internet make people more confident?

The internet makes people more self-confident online, according to a new study.Researchers from Harvard University in the US say that people who have access to the internet are less likely to fall victim to internet hoaxes and are more likely to find ways to cope with stressful events.They say that by sharing experiences online, people […]


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